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The Orewa Elevate Trust 

We are an Aotearoa New Zealand charitable trust with a vision to see our community, our rangatahi, our mokopuno, our tūpuna, our hāpori whanau elevated through the values of manakitanga [support, respect & generosity] and hāpai [to journey alongside].

Our mission is to journey with whanau, initiatives & community organisations for the holistic benefit of one another.

We aim to support and champion the wellbeing of families in Orewa.

Our Guiding Principles

Love Without an Agenda

When love has an agenda it’s no longer love. All of our facilitators and our program delivery will be vetted through this key fundamental.

Partner With The Community

Our work is a partnership with our community. When we look to begin something, our starting point will be to ask; who is the community, who are the leaders, what is the need and can we add value without duplicating efforts and resources already being invested there. We will start building relationships before we start doing a thing.

Vision In Action

We hold an incredibly bright vision for Orewa. Not a vision of perfection, but a vision where our community thrive, caring for one another. Raising one another up. This is a journey of success! Life may look messy at times. Community can be messy. But we are stronger together, always on the look out, selflessly caring for one another.

Be The Leader — You Are Rangatira

Every person has the power to decide the direction in their life. 

Each program we deliver will empower those who engage to take charge of their situation and become Rangatira.

Call Out The Purpose In Our Community

There are all sorts of bad influences in the world. We are all susceptible to it, none of us escape it. There are also incredible people, potential and initiatives. We see the Orewa Elevate Trust having a role in calling out the great influences, raising them up for all to see and use to bring about a stronger, healthy community.

Dream Bigger Than You

No matter our handicap, be it blindness, a wheelchair, or just a lack of confidence, most of us are captured by our limits, we all know what we can do and what we can’t. That’s why we all need someone to encourage us to think bigger thoughts. Someone that will pray for and believe for a bigger life! We must therefore be intentional about offering to pass it forward.  Encouraging other ideas and community initiatives to succeed for the wider benefit of our community. We will always look to Elevate our community on the Coast.

Current Initiatives


This fantastic initiative gives High School students and their families a "leg-up" during the exam period each year.

It provides an incredible, creative and stimulating 'study space' along with other incredible resources for our rangatahi and their whanau.

For more info CLICK HERE 

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Our Toy Library offers a fantastic affordable resource to families on the Hibiscus Coast. It offers a safe environment to take a load off and equip your house with a fun and learning environment.


Join us for a coffee, some company and lots of fun for our tamariki!


For more info CLICK HERE 

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